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Twitchy v3.0.0 is coming !

To celebrate this new version, we are releasing this new website to explain everything about what we are doing on Twitchy TV right now!

In this new version, we worked a lot on the VOD System. It will now use your preference for source quality stream if you select it in the settings view or by selecting source quality directly in a stream.

We also added a system to remember where you stop a VOD to allow you to resume watching at a later time or not. Thanks to it, you’ll now be able to quickly see which VOD you already watched and which you don’t!

Hope you’ll like this new update! 🙂

What’s next?

We didn’t do all we wanted to do for the 3.0.0 version.

Indeed, we want to go further on the VOD System.

That’s why we will add a way for you to choose the quality you want for video stream on VOD.

We will also work on a big new thing that you may appreciate : Chat replay!

Obviously, many other things are planned and we will continue to fix and improve considering your feedbacks!